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What is the Suggested Kia Maintenance Schedule for Your Model?

Regular auto service is key to getting the best performance and most value out of your vehicle, not to mention helping in areas such as safety and comfort. The auto service center at our Leesburg Kia dealership is here to help with those maintenance tasks, including the items on your Kia maintenance schedule. Following your car's maintenance schedule goes a long way toward more enjoyable driving and ownership experiences, so read on for details on the suggested maintenance schedule for Kia cars and SUVs.

Typical Kia Maintenance Schedule

There are quite a few variables to consider when dealing with the suggested auto service intervals for your Kia model in Leesburg, but there are also some basic guidelines to follow. Your model's owner's manual also provides info about the suggested maintenance schedule for that year, trim, and model, and our technicians are happy to go over it with you. Below, we highlight some suggested auto service needs at certain mileages.

  • 7,500 miles: Change oil, rotate tires, safety inspection
  • 15,000 miles: Same as 7,500-mile service as well as replace engine and cabin air filters
  • 22,500 miles: All 7,500-mile services plus brake and tire inspection with replacement if necessary
  • 30,000 miles: All 15,000-mile services plus replacing coolant, transmission, and brake fluid
  • 37,500 miles: All 22,500-mile services and drive belt replacement
  • 45,000 miles: Same as 15,000-mile service
  • 52,500 miles: Same as 37,500-mile service
  • 60,000 miles: Same as 30,000-mile service with steering and suspension inspection

Monthly Kia Maintenance Tips

There are some other areas that you can check up on monthly to ensure that every component in your vehicle is working correctly. You should keep an eye out for any service warnings that appear from the instrument cluster, including the check engine light. Drivers can quickly check the engine oil level and tire pressure for their model, and an exterior light test helps you know that your brake and headlights are performing as they should.

Reasons to Follow a Vehicle Maintenance Schedule

Kia engineers and service technicians receive a lot of info about how the brand's models perform and hold up, so these Kia service intervals come from a lot of research. The suggested maintenance tasks for each mileage help you protect the main components of your vehicle, such as the chassis and powertrain, and ensure smooth rides and a low cost of ownership. Bringing your Kia model to our service center around these mileages can help us spot and prevent problems before they lead to a blown tire or dead battery.

Why Come to Our Kia Service Center in Leesburg?

Our Kia-trained technicians are well-equipped to handle all types of auto repair and common maintenance. We know the suggested services for the mileage that your model is at, and we can pinpoint issues that you've been experiencing. Our many bays and modern auto repair tools and techniques allow us to provide quick yet thorough service at competitive pricing. Plus, we use genuine Kia parts for repairs, so you'll have the same exact parts that came in your model when it was brand-new.

Find Ways to Save with Our Auto Service Specials

Another reason to visit us is the value that you'll receive, especially with our Kia service specials near Sterling. We often update our offers to highlight seasonal auto service tasks and specials for them, so you can save throughout the year. These deals include oil change specials, mounting and balancing, and Kia parts coupons, so see what stands out to you.

If you have questions about service tasks for your model and its current mileage, contact our service team today. Our techs can highlight some areas to look at and help you schedule an appointment with us.

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