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How to Clean the Inside of Your Car in Less than 15 Minutes

It sounds like it can't be done, right? I mean, how on earth can you clean the inside of your car in less than 15 minutes?

Try this!

1. Enlist the help of at least one other person. If you have kids then put them to work...The more, the better!

2. Split the car up into sections. If you're just working with one other person, then you can each take half of the car, or one of you can take the front seat and the other, the back seat. If there are four of you, then you can split the front left section, front right section, rear left and rear right.

3. Grab one plastic bag for each person.

4. Everyone pick up the trash (little pieces of paper, wrappers, anything you can find...) in their section and discard.

5. Have one person wipe down or lint brush seats (depending on if you have leather or cloth seats).

6. Another person wipes down the dash while the first person is cleaning the seats.

7. If you have four people, then the third and fourth person wipe down the windows and vacuum while the first two are busy with the above tasks. If there are only two of you, then you do these once the above tasks are complete.

When you have four people working together, getting your car clean in 15 minutes or less is completely doable! If there are only two of you, it might take a little longer...But not much if you give it your all!

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