Buy vs. Leasing a Kia




Cash Due at Signing

Higher up front costs (taxes, registration fees, larger down payment)

Less up front costs (first month's payment, taxes/registration fees, and a refundable security deposit)

Vehicle Personalization

Complete freedom (if monthly payments are met)

Must remain in the shape that you got it in

Monthly Car Payments

Unless you put more cash down up front, loan payments are typically larger and range between 3-5 years

Normally less than auto loan payments, and significantly shorter terms (starting at one year)


Either sell it yourself or trade-in your vehicle at the dealership

Simply return your vehicle at the end of its lease and sign a new one with a new vehicle

End of Term

The vehicle is yours, continue driving after payments are complete, but insurance and state registration fees will continue

When your lease term ends, either buy your vehicle at current market value or return it and begin a new term


The vehicle is yours.

The vehicle is leased, the dealership still owns it.

If you're currently exploring your car or SUV payment options, then you're in the right place.

The auto finance experts at Dulles Kia can and will guide you through the benefits and conditions of every payment plan available at our full-service dealership in Leesburg, Virginia. Whether you're beginning your search now for a perfect vehicle or know which car you want are ready to begin financing, our team has you covered. Two of our most popular auto financing options are custom auto leases and traditional car loans; we encourage you to compare the two with our information below. Give the Dulles Kia team a call if you have any questions along the way.


For minimal limitations with your next vehicle, then ownership of your car with an auto loan might be the right route for you. When you put more money down upfront and pay slightly more per month, you're working towards complete freedom with your vehicle, whether that means long road trips without mileage restrictions or customization to your heart's desire. Although you're responsible for auto service and maintenance, you also get to hold onto your beloved car until you're ready to trade-in or sell it yourself. Ready to move forward with an auto loan? Then apply for credit pre-approval today, and the financing experts at Dulles Kia will happily help achieve your dreams.


If you're a fan of driving the latest vehicles off the lot for a shorter period of time, then a car lease may be more flexible and suited to your lifestyle. Auto leases make for an easy start-to-finish with your automotive experience. At the end of your term, you can either extend its lease, turn in the keys, or purchase the car outright for a discounted price. It also comes with typically lower down and monthly payments than its auto loan counterpart because it's only a temporary driving solution. If you can drive within mileage restrictions and don't care for complete ownership, then consider reviewing lease options at Dulles Kia in Leesburg, VA.


Our online tools and specials can help you get what you need out of the car shopping and servicing process. Use our online tools to estimate your current trade-in vehicle value, calculate monthly payments, and schedule an appointment with the auto finance center at Dulles Kia. We look forward to serving you in the Leesburg, VA area today.


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